Monthly Update March 2023

March is coming to an end, so it’s time to wrap up and see what’s happened over the month.

A Pocketful of Scars by Laird Lee Kirk is the touching and humorous book of modern Scottish poetry that you never knew you needed. You can order a copy from Amazon here or email to order direct from the publisher.

Public Artist: Unceremonious Nudes is the brand new photographic and collage suite from Lachlan J McDougall. This stunning collection of images delves deep into the divide between the public and private lives of the artist and brings out some startling shots. The full range of (NSFW) images can be viewed here. Purchase details for photographic prints can be found at the link.

D.O.R Issue 2, the second in the LJMcD Communications magazine of experimental literature and art, is now available. With some returning favourites and some brand new faces, this is sure to stun and delight. You can purchase a copy from Amazon here, email to get a print copy, or access a free pdf of the magazine here

Shimmied Christmas Jimmy, the Rat Fink of the Chimney is the latest chapbook by Lachlan J McDougall in the c22 open editions series. The book can be read for free here or you can purchase a copy from Amazon here or you can email

And what’s coming up next month? Well just take a look!

The beginning of the month will see a brand new series of photographic manipulations from Lachlan J McDougall entitled ‘Systems’. These ten images will astound and amaze and you will want to get your hands on a print as soon as possible. Details to come soon.

April will also see the release of The Sound of A Pistol, the thrilling poetic and artistic collaboration between Lachlan J McDougall and their two small children. This delightful little book is a real thrill to leaf through and all proceeds from sales go towards new toys and art supplies for the little ones involved. Pre-orders open — just email to pre-order a print copy, or pre-order the kindle edition here

Well, that’s all for March. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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