Two New Books

Electric Boy Scout:: Guerrilla Typewriter is a largely non-fiction book dealing with the pressures on Control and the possibility of using art and literature as methods of social resistance. Part essays, part interview, part stories, and part something else, this book takes you on a trip to the future and beyond.

Get a copy of the book from Amazon here or email to order direct from the publisher

File Folders: Painting in Ephemera is a brand new book of art featuring stunning paintings from a personal collection made during 2022. A great way to bring home a thrilling series, you can get copies of the book from Amazon here or email to order a copy direct from the publisher.

books Submissions Open

Submissions Open for D.O.R Issue 3

It’s that time again! The LJMcD Communications magazine of experimental art and literature is getting ready for a third issue and we’re looking for your work!

We can’t pay anything for your submissions, but we do offer contributors a print copy of the magazine at reduced cost (just covering printing and shipping)

All submissions should be in word doc format and sent to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please include a short third person bio in the body of your email to accompany your piece.

Poetry: please send up to five poems not more than a million lines. Any subject, any style, but the weirder and more experimental the better

Prose: short stories, text experiments, essays and whatever else you got up to 5000 words.

Art: send up to 5 high def images. Please include titles and any accompanying information you would like printed alongside your images (medium, process, etc.) It’s also fine if you want your if you want your images to stand alone without extra information.

Anything Else: we are open to new ideas and anything else you’ve got. If you’ve got something that you think would fit within an issue of D.O.R, please don’t hesitate to send it through or send a query and see if it would work.

And, if this is your first time, don’t forget to read the past two issues of D.O.R which can be read or purchased here


LJMcD Communications Bookshop

Hi All,

You may have seen recently that we set up a physical store to sell LJMcD Communications stock as well as other assorted titles from our personal collection. Well, now this stock is open to everyone!

Have a read through the catalogue below and see if anything takes your fancy. If it does, simply email with your order and the book(s) will be posted to you as soon as possible.

More titles will be added periodically, but for now you can browse through this great collection of work and make purchases as you see fit.

Please note: All prices are in AUD. Shipping will be calculated at the time of order.


Chainsaw Gender Reveal by Keith Higginbotham

The fabulous Chainsaw Gender Reveal by the wonderfully talented Keith Higginbotham is out now from LJMcD Communications.

This book of excellent modern poetry will twist your brain and bring you to a sudden and shining realisation about the state of poetry and your life. Get a copy from Amazon here or email to order direct from the publisher.

Free pdfs

Free Pamphlets for May 2023

Hi all,

This month we’ve got two brand new pamphlets to love and enjoy.

First up, we have Questions I Didn’t Know I’d Asked by the incomparable Mona Mehas. This chapbook of poetry inspired by Tarot and Oracle will knock your socks off with its intimate magic. Download a copy of the pamphlet below.

Secondly, we have The Poets Have the Floor, a thrilling extended prose poem told across three columns to whet your appetite for the fare of Lachlan J McDougall. Download a copy of the pamphlet below and see what you think!

The next round of free pamphlets goes out in July, so keep an eye on things and make sure you don’t miss these great publications.

Art For Sale


NegativeLand is an obsession with the inverse, the photographic negative exposing that which we
cannot usually see. Colours form, image is distorted, the simplest artefacts become glistening
crescendos of light. In particular, I am drawn to the minute particulars and the sweeping beauty of the
natural world. The negative draws out a ghost of another time, a darkness and light that plays off our
subconscious reckoning.
Fourteen photographs kept in negative like projection light from deep inside. Do you see another world?
The inverse ghost world where the light grows thin. Each photograph is printed in an edition of ten
signed and numbered prints with the option of a second edition in the future. There is also a ‘print on
demand’ option which is unsigned and not part of the official suite. Ease of access to art is very
important to me.

You can purchase prints of each slide at or take home the book of the series here


Thee Grey Book

Thee Grey Book is a startling new treatise on modern magickal practice and you’ll be swept away on on a tide of new ideas.

Cut-ups, sigils, breaking through the unconscious barrier, learn all this and more when you tap into a copy of Thee Grey Book.

Get a copy from Amazon here or email to order a copy direct from the publisher.


The Sound of a Pistol: Child’s Play and Other Games

The brand new book from Lachlan J McDougall and their small children is here and available for purchase.

This stunning collaborative effort is sure to dazzle and delight and you’ll be amazed at what these small forces of nature come out with.

All proceeds from this book go towards new toys and art supplies for the little ones.

Purchase a copy from Amazon here or email to order a copy direct from LJMcD Communications.

Art For Sale


Systems is ten images based off the idea of an image processing system. We take a verbal cue from out in the aether and we transpose to the picture language. We distort what is through our lens of system. A rigorous system no doubt but what remains is another matter entirely. These photographs represent the functional world reduced to mere repeating patterns. Things are brought down to a simple gridwork or a fantastic kaleidoscope and move further and further away from that thing which they are. The physical world is no longer recognisable and the representative function of the photograph is nullified.

All images, bar one, were produced by taking a photograph of a thing then using a standardised procedural system to overlay image and distort functionality. The thing no longer remains although it has been multiplied ad infinitum. The odd image out was produced by abstracting photography away from the object and moving towards the infinitesimal—the thing becomes blind to our looks and takes on a textural quality like trees on a distant hill. I’ll let you decide which image is the odd one out.

Systems distorts the commonplace by repetition and abstraction. Nothing remains when you see a thing multiplied beyond the point of counting. The ocean is not a glass of water, a roll of paper is not a tree—these images are not their preceding form, they are something new that stands outside of function and time. They often take on a stark minimalist quality—the thing which looms so large is reduced to a mere pattern that stands in for the entire universe—or else they explode in kaleidoscopic mandalas where the thing loses itself in the monumental ebb and flow of time. Systems is the point of departure, even the name loses meaning.

Each image is on offer in a limited signed and numbered edition of 10 per photograph. For affordability and accessibility there is also an unsigned ‘print on demand’ option. Prints can be purchased from or email for pricing and details.

System #1
System #2 (Fish Eyes Bug Out)
System #3 (Viper’s Nest)
System #4
System #5
System #6
System #7 (Keyhole Lights)
System #8 (Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn)
System #9
System #10 (Future Proof)

Monthly Update March 2023

March is coming to an end, so it’s time to wrap up and see what’s happened over the month.

A Pocketful of Scars by Laird Lee Kirk is the touching and humorous book of modern Scottish poetry that you never knew you needed. You can order a copy from Amazon here or email to order direct from the publisher.

Public Artist: Unceremonious Nudes is the brand new photographic and collage suite from Lachlan J McDougall. This stunning collection of images delves deep into the divide between the public and private lives of the artist and brings out some startling shots. The full range of (NSFW) images can be viewed here. Purchase details for photographic prints can be found at the link.

D.O.R Issue 2, the second in the LJMcD Communications magazine of experimental literature and art, is now available. With some returning favourites and some brand new faces, this is sure to stun and delight. You can purchase a copy from Amazon here, email to get a print copy, or access a free pdf of the magazine here

Shimmied Christmas Jimmy, the Rat Fink of the Chimney is the latest chapbook by Lachlan J McDougall in the c22 open editions series. The book can be read for free here or you can purchase a copy from Amazon here or you can email

And what’s coming up next month? Well just take a look!

The beginning of the month will see a brand new series of photographic manipulations from Lachlan J McDougall entitled ‘Systems’. These ten images will astound and amaze and you will want to get your hands on a print as soon as possible. Details to come soon.

April will also see the release of The Sound of A Pistol, the thrilling poetic and artistic collaboration between Lachlan J McDougall and their two small children. This delightful little book is a real thrill to leaf through and all proceeds from sales go towards new toys and art supplies for the little ones involved. Pre-orders open — just email to pre-order a print copy, or pre-order the kindle edition here

Well, that’s all for March. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!