Two New Books

Electric Boy Scout:: Guerrilla Typewriter is a largely non-fiction book dealing with the pressures on Control and the possibility of using art and literature as methods of social resistance. Part essays, part interview, part stories, and part something else, this book takes you on a trip to the future and beyond.

Get a copy of the book from Amazon here or email to order direct from the publisher

File Folders: Painting in Ephemera is a brand new book of art featuring stunning paintings from a personal collection made during 2022. A great way to bring home a thrilling series, you can get copies of the book from Amazon here or email to order a copy direct from the publisher.

Free pdfs

Free Pamphlets for May 2023

Hi all,

This month we’ve got two brand new pamphlets to love and enjoy.

First up, we have Questions I Didn’t Know I’d Asked by the incomparable Mona Mehas. This chapbook of poetry inspired by Tarot and Oracle will knock your socks off with its intimate magic. Download a copy of the pamphlet below.

Secondly, we have The Poets Have the Floor, a thrilling extended prose poem told across three columns to whet your appetite for the fare of Lachlan J McDougall. Download a copy of the pamphlet below and see what you think!

The next round of free pamphlets goes out in July, so keep an eye on things and make sure you don’t miss these great publications.


Thee Grey Book

Thee Grey Book is a startling new treatise on modern magickal practice and you’ll be swept away on on a tide of new ideas.

Cut-ups, sigils, breaking through the unconscious barrier, learn all this and more when you tap into a copy of Thee Grey Book.

Get a copy from Amazon here or email to order a copy direct from the publisher.


Electric Boy Scout:: Guerrilla Typewriter pre-order and proof copies

Hi all,

The largely non-fiction book from Lachlan J McDougall, Electric Boy Scout:: Guerrilla Typewriter, is comin out in June and pre-orders for the print book are now open.

The book deals with language and symbol and how we can manipulate these to bring about a social artistic revolution and end the influence of Control in our day to day lives. Let’s see what the Amazon blurb has to say.

The future is now and there’s nothing left but the recordings.
This book is a program for taking on the world at large. A step by step guide to bringing about the revolution from within. You may try to fight the change, but when the Scouts come calling, there’s nothing else you can do.

A deconstruction of the role of language and a prescient dissection of the modern Control virus, Electric Boy Scout is full of helpful and practical tips for circumventing the Control narrative and substituting your own. Learn to take control of your life. Learn the limits of what you are doing and how to push them ever further. Learn a few tricks from the master at work.

You can pre-order the book by emailing with your order details and a print copy will be sent to you soon after release date in June. Or, to get the book sooner (as well as getting a limited collector’s edition), reach out and see if any of the limited proof copies are still available. In addition to your proof copy, LJMcD Communications will send you a free pdf of the book so you can get reading straight away.

So, get in touch and order your proof copy, or pre-order a print copy today!

Book Review

Review: ‘The Book of Breeething’ by William S Burroughs

A sort of scattered set of musings on language and symbol mixed with a thrilling collection of illustrations, this book is a short, wandering piece that reads like a knowledgeable ramble. Burroughs certainly has a point, but he refuses to make it, allowing it to grow organically out of abstract, dreamlike prose.

The illustrations are just gorgeous and Robert F Gale has done a fantastic job bringing the strange prose to life. Without the illustrations, this book would not work. With them, it is lifted to a high plain of fancy and wonder.

It is not Burroughs best book, and certainly not his clearest, but it is an interesting little addition to the cannon. For a collector like me, it is a must, but if you’re looking only for content, you can find these thoughts better expressed in other books. Still though, it is a fascinating excursion.

Free pdfs

A Report from Elm Street Number 23 free pdf

My latest free pamphlet for 2023 is now available!

A Report from Elm Street Number 23 is a wild experiment in text and narrative—part cut-up text, part experimental scifi, it reads a bit like Burroughs in the sixties but with a more modern environmental bent.

The print edition of this little zine is limited to 50 signed and numbered copies with very few editions remaining at time of writing. If you’d like one of these limited handmade zines, email with your request and postal details and you will be put on the mailing list.

For those of you who might have missed out on a print copy, don’t worry—you can simply download the pdf below!

Enjoy this free offering and if you like it, don’t forget to pay it forward and buy one of the great books I have on offer. You can find links to all released books here or read the catalogue of books being put out by LJMcD Communications in 2023 right here.

And keep an eye out for The Poets Have the Floor, the next of my free zines coming out in May!

That’s all from me,

Happy hunting,

Lachlan J McDougall


Monthly Update: February 2023

Well, it’s that time again—the last Saturday of the month—and it’s time for the monthly update of everything going on at LJMcD Communications.

Let’s start with the brand new art book and photographic series Twelve Photographs of Silence. These insomniac photographs are designed to capture the sleepless lack of early morning and are a lovely little collection. You can purchase the folio book of the series here or view the series here

Next up is the fabulous Nagasaki Blues, my brand new cut-up novel and the first in the Hypernovel Trilogy. This book is a wild ride through to the end of the world and back and just has to be read to be believed. Get a copy right here

For either of these books, you can also order signed copies direct from LJMcD Communications by emailing with your order details and I will sign and send out as soon as possible.


That’s all the releases for February, but let’s take a look at what’s coming up in March.

A Pocketful of Scars by Laird Lee Kirk will be released in early March. This book of delightfully human poetry is a real treat and you won’t want to miss it. Pre-orders open, just email with your order details.

My second free pamphlet for the year, A Report from Elm Street Number 23, will be going out next month in a limited signed and numbered run of fifty copies. A free pdf will also be uploaded to the website, but to get your hands on one of the print copies, just email with your postal details.

Shimmied Christmas Jimmy, the Rat Fink of the Chimney is a brand new chapbook in the c22 open editions series. This long poem will be made available as a free pdf here and on the c22 website with an option to buy print copies if you like the work.

You can also have a look at the entire non-McDougall publishing schedule for LJMcD Communications here


Nagasaki Blues

My latest novel Nagasaki Blues has just been released!

This wild cut-up science fiction novel is a thrilling ride through a world on its last legs. The crab planet invasion is in full swing and EarthSphere is in danger of burning out to a dry husk. Only the academy stands in the way of total destruction, and perhaps they are not all they seem…

Get a copy of the book here

Or, if you’d like a signed copy (or just don’t feel like giving money to Amazon), email me at and I can arrange to have a copy sent to you.

Enjoy the book!


New publication in Var(2x)

Hi all,

I’ve just had a suite of poems and an asemic artwork published with the fabulous people over at Var(2x)

You can read the poems here


Book Review

Review: ‘Junky’ by William S Burroughs

A bleak tour de force of the sordid reality of opiate addiction, this book balks at nothing and really gets to the heart of the matter. A stark and blistering view of a grimy underworld, Burroughs does not shy away from much and allows himself to come off the worse for it.

Much more straightforward than his later work, this one is a very easy read. The prose, however, is still lovely in its own gritty way and the early notes of abstraction are there for anyone to read. Burroughs is a master of atmosphere and dreams and this book is flooded with both while still being firmly rooted in a serious realism.

I can’t recommend this book enough. For Burroughs fans it is an absolute must and for the casual reader, this is a great place to start. You’ll definitely get something out of it, even if that something is revulsion. But more likely you’ll start a love affair with WSB that will last throughout the years.