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The Audrey Adventures Free PDF

Queen of smut, J. Ollie Manoeuvre, has made The Audrey Adventures, her collection of experimental scifi erotica, available as a free pdf. Here at LJMcD Communications we are always looking for new ways to make work available and Manoeuvre has very kindly agreed to make her book available for free. We do suggest however, that if you like what you read, you go ahead and purchase the book to help LJMcD Communications and J. Ollie Manoeuvre continue doing what you love.

You can get a copy of the book from Amazon here, or email with your order and a copy will be sent to you direct from the publisher.

A little about the book: Here’s what the blurb on Amazon has to say: Five startling queer erotic stories to dazzle and delight. Join Audrey as he jets through space meeting strange men and sampling their pleasures, follow him as he tastes the delights of the shapeshifters, tag along as he winds his way through the temple of flesh. Each story is sure to titillate and excite your deepest desires, so why don’t you have a look inside?

Interested? Well, just download the pdf below.

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