Electric Boy Scout:: Guerrilla Typewriter pre-order and proof copies

Hi all,

The largely non-fiction book from Lachlan J McDougall, Electric Boy Scout:: Guerrilla Typewriter, is comin out in June and pre-orders for the print book are now open.

The book deals with language and symbol and how we can manipulate these to bring about a social artistic revolution and end the influence of Control in our day to day lives. Let’s see what the Amazon blurb has to say.

The future is now and there’s nothing left but the recordings.
This book is a program for taking on the world at large. A step by step guide to bringing about the revolution from within. You may try to fight the change, but when the Scouts come calling, there’s nothing else you can do.

A deconstruction of the role of language and a prescient dissection of the modern Control virus, Electric Boy Scout is full of helpful and practical tips for circumventing the Control narrative and substituting your own. Learn to take control of your life. Learn the limits of what you are doing and how to push them ever further. Learn a few tricks from the master at work.

You can pre-order the book by emailing with your order details and a print copy will be sent to you soon after release date in June. Or, to get the book sooner (as well as getting a limited collector’s edition), reach out and see if any of the limited proof copies are still available. In addition to your proof copy, LJMcD Communications will send you a free pdf of the book so you can get reading straight away.

So, get in touch and order your proof copy, or pre-order a print copy today!


Pre-Order The Sound of A Pistol

Coming up in April is the brand new book of poetry and art by Lachlan J McDougall and their two small children. This book takes the childish eye and allows it to roam freely across the page in a glorious display of fatherly love.

Let’s see what the blurb has to say:

A series of poetic and artistic experiments gathered through play and games with the author’s children. A father’s passion project bringing his twins into the world of literature on their own terms. The Sound of A Pistol is the mind of a child brought bare before an adult world.

The book will be out at the beginning of April, but pre-orders are open now. For a print copy, simply email and your order will go out shortly after release date.

To pre-order the kindle edition, check out the link here.

All proceeds from this book will go towards new toys and art supplies for the children in question, so get on board and order a copy today!


Diaries 2022

Hi all,

My diaries for the end of 2022 have just been released as a full colour volume to read and cherish. You’ll get a wealth of abstract musings as well as titbits of writing, a behind the scenes look at the artistic process, daily photographs and other images, and a day to day view of what life is like in the creative world of McDougall.

This will be the first in a series of diaries I will be releasing and is a good place to get to know me both for fans and newcomers to my work.

You can get a copy of the book here

Happy hunting folks!


Renewed Call for Trading Contacts

Hi all,

As you know, my books and art are all for sale through the usual channels, but did you know I’m also always open to trading my wares for art, books or whatever else it is you create?

I’ve been building a small mail art network over the past year and you’re always welcome to become a part of it. No obligation to send stuff back, but you will receive goodies from me from time to time like handmade zines and chapbooks and pieces of random art. There’s also the option to trade directly for any of my books or paintings/prints that you like the look of. Just reach out to me by emailing and let me know what you want and what you’re willing to swap. I’m happy to send anywhere in the world.

In essence, my main aim is to get my work out there into the right hands. I’m less concerned with the day to day financial aspects of the art life as I am about sharing art, and I want to get connected with all of you!

So please reach out by email or social media (see my contact page) and get connected!

Yours Sincerely

Lachlan J McDougall

Book Review

Review: ‘Metamorphosis’ by Claire Fitzpatrick

Seventeen tales of the dark and macabre, Metamorphosis reads easy with disturbing undertone lingers on the palette and slides through the blood. Not normally a horror reader, I found myself engaged, read the whole thing quick and fast in few short sessions.

Particulary enjoyed Transplant – think Black Mirror jag with a brutal bloody end. Fitzpatrick writes blood and sinew like no other – really feel the bones snap. Other stories also appear well with no sense of derivation – an original mind grows dead tales of horror where few dare to tread. Sense of isolation pervades throughout- that’s the real horror here – not fitting in, not being part of the human set. Can say I feel some sympathy…

Earns her title as ‘Australia’s Queen of Body Horror’ – sluice of brittle word violence not for the faint of heart or queasy stomach. Imaginative breaking of the human form – not your usual stabbings and bludgeonings – we see wrecked and tortured flesh torn apart in all manner of horrific ways. Pleasing to my horrid mind, do appreciate a bit of blood and organs spill out like wine.

Small defects of writing appear occasionally- nothing to write home about, but some sentences took a second read. But perhaps it’s just my style – I wouldn’t have written it like that… – difficulties of knowing a contemporary author, I suppose, always a critical eye on words butting up against your own. Overall, however, thing reads easy and I enjoyed more than I expected.

If you want a dose of violence thick smd fast, something fuel those nightmares, you wouldn’t do badly pick up a copy of Metamorphosis. Can’t say much else, no real point of comparison, but I can say I had fun.


An Introduction to Lachlan J McDougall

Lachlan J McDougall – Brisbane based (river city), currently working with the cut/up method (pioneered by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs) to produce a novel entitled The Jagged Spiral. A political intrigue novel featuring secret agents, occult forces, human sacrifice, and the relentless fight against Control. This site will be used for updates and transmissions – latest works and reports from the desk of the writer.