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Review: ‘<Reboot> More So… Disconnected’ by Wayne Mason

A tight and electric little book of poetry topped and tailed with a forceful prose introduction and coda, this book was a quick but powerful read. The poems run on a theme of technological and industrial manipulation of the soul and self and move from prophetic abstraction to a near concrete scream.

I very much enjoyed this book and it will be reverberating with me all day. There is a joyous despair that pervades these pages and a stark disconnect manifesting between myself, the page, and reality.

These poems are image, but image abstracted into the unrecognisable. What is a person if not their image? In the act of reading we too are abstracted, torn out of place and shown the thin dividing line between inner and outer space.

I recommend this book thoroughly and you should get yourself a copy. It’s a favour you will love yourself for for a long time to come.


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